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Product Name: Wholetones

Author Name: Michael S. Tyrrell

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Who doesn’t love music, right? People may have varied preferences when it comes to music – some like Pop, others like Rock and someone else might listen to Jazz. The common thing has always been that music is universally loved and acknowledged. But can music heal? Don’t be perplexed. Healing by music is not something that is being discovered today. It was a secret that our ancients knew thousands of years ago. Music offers positive vibrations to people; and with these positive vibes, our body gets to channel a completely different form of internal energy. A music track can help you create a certain mood; offer you the power to transform both emotionally and spiritually.

Such an example of healing technique is what is being offered in Wholetones. I have tried a lot of healing techniques myself, starting from Reiki. But to my experience, this is one of the best healing techniques that I have come across in my entire life. In a way, I may be going out of my way to reveal the verdict right at the start of the review; and that is only because of the undeniable positive impact that the product has had on me and thousands of others. Today I am going to share my personal experience about Wholetones and also show you how you can use the same to transform your life.

What is Wholetones?

Wholetones is essentially a composition of seven excellent musical tones that can relieve you completely from your stress, anxiety, pain and depression. It forms a part of consolidated Healing Frequencies Music Program that is aimed at healing the human body through special frequency sound waves embedded in melodious songs. It promotes healing and also breaks the negative cycles within the body to restore sound sleep in just a few minutes. The music track relaxes your body, clarifies your mind and diminishes all your anxiety. The Wholetones program allows you to use the music in healing, repair and also protect yourself against any disease. The music will also balance your hormones, enhance the release of endorphins and offer a greater sense of inner peace.

Who is the Creator of Wholetones?

The man behind Wholetones is the world-renowned musician Michael S. Tyrrell. He is just one of the most loveable, honest and open hearted individuals that I have ever seen in my life. He is obviously a religious man who has researched a lot about the healing techniques through music. I must say he is an outstanding music creator and his in-depth knowledge about the different healing frequencies has offered him such a huge success. I have complete faith in this man and his Wholetones project as I am using it for a pretty long time now.

How does Wholetones really work for you?

Wholetones allows you in opening up to God’s healing. There is a certain frequency in each and every track offered in the Wholetones Program. There is a total of 7 songs and each song has a particular frequency that reduces the unhealthy feeling of guilt, fear, and shame. The program eliminates all the negative aspects of your life– like any addiction, craving for junk food and any other negative aspects. It focuses on increasing the creativity, improves digestion and eliminates the stomach-related issues, boosts metabolism, helps you to get relief from headaches and also reduces back pain. Gradually you will acquaint yourself with the master keys which precipitate all the frequencies. The best part of this program is that it helps to reduce the curious frequencies of everything and helps you to calm down.

After using Wholetones for a couple of months, I felt that my body is able to create the perfect environment for repairing the hormonal imbalances, easing the muscle tension and also releasing me from the trouble of circulation. I have started to feel more relaxed & stress-free; as it has worked like pain relief, increasing my awareness and productivity. It affects the endocrine system and this is why you will not face any gallstone issues or adrenalin problems. I could experience a deep spiritual and emotional healing while cleansing the immune system from general infections.

How is Wholetones Created?

Michael Tyrrell recorded the songs with analog technology to make sure that all the instruments and frequencies are distinctly audible and perfectly tuned. The fact that these are real songs instead of any long tunes, is what makes it more pleasing to hear. This is something you can listen in your home; you can listen when you are alone, in the car, at work or anywhere else. I can assure you that you will not be bored with it. How you are going to embrace the spiritual element is solely up to you, but I must say that the research Michael has put into the composition of every song, is definitely credible.

What do you get with Wholetones?

There are seven prerecorded songs here as mentioned earlier and these seven songs are as follows:

  • Desert Sojourn: Comprising of a frequency of 417Hz, it increases your productivity levels and helps you be more creative. It will also heal you from different body issues like digestive problems, metabolism levels, gallbladder, lower back pains and headaches.
  • Open Door: It has got a frequency of 396Hz that allows your body to open up to get the best effects and eradicate unhealthy feelings of shame, fear, or guilt. This one will help you open up a lot and set the pace for higher healing frequencies.
  • The Key of David: It has got a frequency of 444Hz, and works like a master key that is able to open doors to a multitude of health benefits. You will start to feel a sense of inner peace even if you’re in the midst of chaos.
  • Transformation: With a frequency level of 528Hz, this one will let you restore a sound and peaceful sleep. Your hormone levels are balanced, soothes the circulatory system, muscles, and the lymphatic systems.
  • The Bridge: This song plays with a frequency of 639Hz which enhances your forgiving sensation and also helps to achieve healthy relationships with those around you. It affects the endocrine system, heals your gallbladder and adrenal glands.
  • Great awakening: The song is at a 741Hz frequency and it will let you achieve deep emotional and spiritual healing. You can be aware of the spirit within you and also cleanse the immune system completely.
  • The Majestic: Having a frequency of 852 Hz, it offers a celebration rhythm for the King of kings.

The Bonus Package:

The Wholetones Program is not just about the healing frequencies in the medium of songs; you will get some additional bonus package in the form of a book called –

The Sound of Healing: A 142-page book that acts as a perfect complimentary to the 7 songs that explain a lot more about the healing frequencies, the science behind it, and how to virtually unlock all the hidden potential within you. Available either as an eBook or a Handbook depending on which package you buy, this one is a seriously good add-on.
You can go through the eBook while listening to the best healing music in the world. The book also teaches you to recalibrate musical instruments to play the seven healing frequencies.



In case you’re not convinced about all the goodness that Wholetones brings to your life, here are a few more distinct advantages of using the product as reported by many who have used the program –

  • With Wholetones, you are going to see tremendous improvement in your health. The same can also be used to heal anyone you know who is suffering. You can go ahead and download the product immediately so that your near and dear ones are able to start listening to the songs and begin the healing process.
  • It offers you with a deep spiritual and emotional healing. Every song is 22:22 long, meaning 22 minutes and 22 seconds; and every CD has got one song. With a total of 7 songs, you have more than 2 and a half hours of healing music. The best part is you don’t have to concentrate on the music at all. You can play the music in your home, office or car and you can continue doing your daily activities.
  • Listen to the music with any standard quality headphones, or use top-end stereo equipment or listen to it easily on your smartphone. The product is perfect and easy to use for anyone without technical information. This music has helped me recall every time whenever music or sounds make you feel better, happier, more empowered, and stronger.
  • The product works on a cellular level which affects your whole body so that you can align with the beneficial frequencies. The product comes at an affordable price, it is user-friendly, highly recommended by thousands of users; and you will get a complete refund in case you are not satisfied with the healing effects for up to a year after purchase.


If you are resistant to the concept of music healing, then the program will not be beneficial for you. If you have a rigid mindset and do not let the frequencies reach your mind and heart, chances are that you may not feel the positivity or the energy flow through you.

Who is Wholetones for?

The Wholetones is perfect for anyone and everyone who believes in better health, and calm, positive mind. A lot of people might be skeptical that this can be a hoax or scam. But all it needs is believing in yourself. If you don’t believe that you can be healed, then this one is not going to work for you. You don’t have to believe in the power of holistic medicine to heal yourself; you just have to believe in the power of music and sound.

At present, more and more music is used in hospitals for treating patients with different ailments. Wholetones promises to offer you relief from chronic pain and any other painful conditions by 21% and the depression will be reduced by 25%. The reason music is used to treat patients in hospitals is because it can balance the hormones, enhance the release of endorphins, offer you a secret sense of peace and this is what leads to faster recovery. Wholetones focuses on exactly that– and this has worked not only for me, but there are innumerable listeners who have reported that they received almost automatic healing in 22 minutes.


Wholetones is a highly recommended program that has got the amazing power to enhance your health, productivity, and creativity. It purifies your body, sensibility and offers a fountain of joy in your life. You can listen to the tracks anytime and anywhere you want. You have a solid money-back guarantee, so your investment is also secured for complete 365 days. So, all I can say is, you should definitely try this one if you are feeling inconsistencies in your life, health or relationships. I can assure you that if you can have a little faith in the healing power of music, it will fix all your health issues for good.

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