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It is no exception to be interrupted by unnecessary obstacles like iron rods, pipes, while you wish to hammer a nail into the wall. Or, you just have created a mess by merely making a hole in the wall, after you drilled. It is quite apparent, though no one likes to fall for a situation like this. Walabout presents the best solution for you by introducing the innovative device to resolve the issue. With the privilege to detect objects across the barriers, Walabot presents outstanding services.

What is Walabot?

Walabot is the home of technology, where innovation is blended with creativity. The company introduces there online presence through the official site of Walabot, where you get the trust of the advancement of technology. The section currently presents three of their products to ease your livelihood. With a motive to introduce innovation at an affordable price, Walabot strives to mesmerize the clients by the amusement of invention.

Walabot introduces their most advanced devices to ease the difficulties during construction works. The products come with sensor and motion detectors. The device shows the 3d diagram of the obstacles. With an intention to ease drilling works and construction works, Walabot presents three of their products :

Walabot Starter:

  • Number of antennas: 3
  • Board Size:72mm*48mm
  • With basic API function
  • With 2D acquisition
  • Can identify breathing
  • Can detect object

Walabot Creator:

  • Number of antennas: 15
  • Board Size: 72mm*140mm
  • With external powering option
  • With basic API function
  • With 2D acquisition
  • 3D acquisition
  • With multiport recorder
  • Can identify breathing
  • Can detect object
  • Abilities to detect short range imaging.

Walabot Developer:

  • Number of antennas: 18
  • Board Size:72mm*140mm
  • External powering option
  • With basic API function
  • With 2D acquisition
  • 3D acquisition
  • Can identify breathing
  • Can detect object

What are the benefits of Walabot?

  • Unmatched Quality of the products: You need not to worry about the quality of the products from Walabot. All the products are FCC and CE approved which adds on to the authenticity of the devices.
  • Excellent customer support: The company prioritizes the customers in the very first place. The website provides the opportunity to write down your issues, queries, or anything else in the inquiry form, and they will be contacting you in a short time. You also can opt for the mailing option.
  • Outstanding Opportunities: The website prioritizes not only the clients but also the researchers. If you are a researcher and you have some innovative ideas, you are free to contact them by filling the form, and the team will communicate with you as soon as possible. Walabot is known for welcoming innovative ideas.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: Walabot walks abreast professionalism, which is why they have introduced secure payment gateways for the buyers. You will find the facilities of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
  • Easy to use the website: Keeping all the norms in mind, Walabot introduces a complete customer-friendly site, so you don’t have to be a tech-savvy.
  • Experts in servicing: You can stay assured of the servicing provided by the company. Any of your problems related to the product, consider it to be done within a short period of witing.
  • Innovation with creativity: All the products by Walabot lets you modify them into your creation. You get access to use the products with innovative and creative ideas.

Any drawback of the website?

  • The website has no privilege of live chat.
  • Right now it is only available in US and EU.
  • One needs to read the terms and conditions very carefully before purchasing.

Final Verdict

If you are into construction work, Walabot is the perfect product for you. Be assured of the services it provides. Get the benefits of designing outstanding creativity with a pinch of your innovation. The website proffers excellent offers on their products. Use the jaw-dropping facilities provided by the site and grab the offer now.

Make a move now, or you might regret later. So, hurry up, before it gets too late.

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