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Are you feeling tired of doing heavy work and trying to have deep sleep for relaxing your mind and body? Most of the people getting body pain when they sleep in normal mattresses and it increasing more aches and stress which make you feel bad. But if you want to get active you must change your Mattresses to have peaceful sleep offered by iKrema. Actually here iKrema introduced Max Comfort Pedic Memory Foam Mattresses to make you sleep well without having any stress. Absolutely it will satisfy you by providing cool comfort sleep on this amazing mattresses.

What is the iKrema?

Ikrema is the best place in online to find the most comfortable and collections of Memory Foam Mattresses which can be suitable for you to get relaxed and feel good by having deep sleep. It has Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen and Calking of premium Memory Foam Mattresses made in the U.S.A. Of course, it has open cell Memory-Tex technology foam to maintain the freshness, cool and dry for keeping your good. Inside the core, tiny air bubbles will allow heat to escape and the pressure also applied to foam by air and heat to flow through the mattresses effectively.

Ultra-comfortable iKrema ComfortPedic 11-inch memory foam mattress for a queen-sized bed. The iKrema ComfortPedic series integrates premium three-layer memory foam and breathable HD foam. The second layer of memory foam incorporates patented technology that provides memory foam with a resilient and resilient feel of latex and a flush of Memory Foam, enhancing the two ‘layers’ of the ‘feel’.

iKrema reviews

What Are The Features Of iKrema?

It is the best Memory foam layer for keeping your comfort and it has a perfect sink that can minimize movement from one surface to the next. Memory-Tex Foam Layer – This patented memory foam layer gives the latex a firm and unique feel. The breathable high density (HD) base foam contains open cell structure for optimum ventilation and stability.


  • It is made up of Thermal Memory Foam at 2 inches & 4 pounds + 2 Memory-Tex has 7 inch HD foam & 3 pounds to built the perfect mattresses.


  • Top: Matelasse ‘Victoria Elas’ 14% viscose, 3% elastae, 83% polyester with ‘iK logo’
  • Border: Inspired brown border
  • Mattress Top: Professional
  • Recommended Foundation Type: Platform, Bed Partition, Box Spring, Adjustable, All floors
  • Product Features: Bed in box, hypoallergenic
  • Density: 4 Pounds
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Shipping Method: Fedex Ground

How Can iKrema Support Us?

  • It is packed tightly in a carrying case for your convenience and you can sleep on the night by unwrapping it because you must allow 48 hours to go back to its original shape.
  • There may be a smell due to vacuum sealing. After unwrapping it, just air for a few hours to remove the trapped odor.
  • Due to the machining process, there may be slight differences in the dimensions of this product.
  • It is strong against dust mites and it contains natural antibiotics.
  • Temperature Smart Memory foam improves blood circulation by dispersing body weight and relieving pressure points in response to body temperature and exercise. So, you do not have to turn or wait for useless things.

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  • iKrema delivers new mattresses to the front door of your home via FedEx Ground.
  • The included special feature allows everyone to enjoy maximum comfort every night.
  • iKrema mattresses are well packed in box dimensions (19″x 19″ x 40″).
  • The cotton cover improves surface layer flushing, provides airflow and cooling, and a unique waterfall with edge design.
  • It is highly effective and affordable by everyone.
  • This product came along with money back guarantee for your satisfaction.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this product because it is available in online only.
  • Your results may vary if you left any instruction or avoid any steps, sure you can’t get the best result.

iKrema reviews


Moreover, iKrema mattress is very compatible to any flat as well as the firm surface. It is 100% risk-free, so you can spend just 5 minutes to try this mattress at your home for 101 days. If you do not like it, they will pick it up for free and give you a full refund. The iKrema memory foam mattress claim that their mattress can fit for all and you can realize over 95% of people who are satisfied on their mattress. People in this world having different sleeping habits, so iKrema can support them to choose it for their satisfaction and comfortable. So don’t miss it… Grab it soon.

iKrema reviews.

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