Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

How does Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset’s Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Training Program work?  Is Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Methods effective for everyone? Find all the answers in our detailed Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review!

Product Name: Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Product Author: Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Have you realized the true cause of tight hip flexors pain? Do you know that your hips are the main bridges between the upper body and lower body? Do you suffer from reduced movement, strength range of motion and shoulder mobility? If you answered yes! Here, Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the perfect solution for you. It is an amazing shoulder and hip workshop created by the two most intelligent, pleasant and approachable guys in the fitness industry. This program provides the complete solution to improve upper body and lower durability, energy and strength of the entire body. It is very easily accessible to correct and strengthen the two most commonly used joints in the body and all that goes into training. It helps you see bigger and faster results than you’d ever thought possible.

What is the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is from two of the best in the fitness business come together to share cutting edge information on what they do best. Where they had worked with thousands of baseball players of all levels, focusing on detailed assessment protocols to address the dysfunctions and common shoulder injuries within that demographic. This program has developed a reputation as a leading authority on training, mobility and strength training. It is a workshop that takes viewers through the complete systems used by both authors to improve the function of the upper body and lower body, strength, stamina and endurance. It also shows you how to connect the dots between a comprehensive assessment, understand what corrective strategies work best and how to create a training program to help you and your customers in the most direct way possible. The series of seminars given in this program will be a tremendous value for you and your customers.

How Does Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Works?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint helps strengthen your hip and shoulder joints and also helps train your shoulder resulting in bigger, faster. It comes with easy to follow details on how to access training in the workshop. Below are some movements to your hips and shoulders to make your move and feel better for day-to-day activities. Here’s a sample of some concepts of Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint:


It is a training program that guides you to use static and inclusive assessments. It shows how the respiratory mechanics, particularly the movement of the diaphragm, promotes the mobility of the upper body and the stability of the lower body, and how to use it for rapid improvements in both. The importance of breathing, thoracic mobility, scapular mobility and shoulder mobility limitations in the shoulder, elbow or wrist. With the impingement garbage term, you will see the difference between the internal and external impingement. You can also have a coach and improvement of push-ups, chin-ups, presses, and dozens of corrective options.

  • It will help you overcome common shoulder problems more effectively.
  • Optimizing your assessment and program design, helping you get faster results and more efficient use of your time
  • It will help you see the details of the movement of the shoulder had not noticed before and if anything you are using in your exercise program is working or not.
  • Update your exercise toolbox to solve movement problems commonly overlooked.


It shows you how specific anatomical individual differences play a role in training, how to find them and what to do to capitalize on them. Use a test re-test assessment to your advantage and show customers where and how they can improve. You can understand the difference between, neural, structural limitations of soft tissue, and motor movement, and design a program to address the specific considerations and shows how to determine the optimal positions squat and deadlift for individual anatomical considerations. This may mean even use an unbalanced approach to balancing their structure. It helps in training to improve strength, active mobility, and durability with a variety of modes, plus when to adjust to each easier or more difficult.

  • Help see immediate improvements, sometimes in just a minute or two, which will help them buy their skills.
  • Help you to orientate in what works best for the person who stands before you, saving both times spent on useless exercises as exercises.
  • Connect the dots between assessments, mobility, strength, and conditioning program considerations
  • Break down a system that you can use today with you or your customers to see the instant benefit by eliminating the guess work.

What Will You Get Inside Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

On Shoulder Day

  • Video 1– You will see the difference between the shoulder assessment considerations of overhead athletes and “Average Joes”
  • Video 2– It shows the assessments, common issues, and adaptations to demands
  • Video 3 – It has a breakdown of risk factors for poor control of movements, movements and prevents shoulder health and shoulder stabilization options.
  • Video 4 – You will see the common errors in shoulder health exercise prescriptions
  • Video 5 – It helps to shoulder movement breathing drills your hands on shoulder training prone trap raise, chin up progressions and scapular motion.

On Hip Day

  • Video 6 – Hip anatomy and individual differences: This video shows you how much hip anatomy can be different, even between sides, and what this means to your training program. Passive assessments.
  • Video 7 – Stratifying the hip mobility and objectives of the training programs based on differences of position and range of motion available. Using active evaluations and macroscopic patterns.
  • Video 8 – What the restriction on the movement might be, how to approach it, whether structural, soft, or neural tissues and how to adapt the directive to the specific person and their skills.
  • Video 9 – This video you will learn the integrative mobility and strength work.
  • Video 10 – It guides you the training the Hip Hinge and Squat
  • Video 11 – Using this video you can wrap up and big considerations, plus unscripted Q & A


  • Initial results may be too fast, regardless of how long you’ve been fighting.
  • By unlocking the muscles of the hips, you will find so many benefits, it is difficult to quantify everything.
  • Using this program, your body instinctively tighten the muscles.
  • The methods are ineffective a solution to their problems of flexibility.
  • This program will also be of high-quality streaming and downloadable videos.
  • It will train on how to perform each exercise with perfect technique.
  • You can safely improve their strength and shoulder mobility


  • Results may vary and each person has a different experience but we’ve continually seen people experience quick results. It may be in your first session or a few but you will experience them. It all depends on your body and commitment to building a solid routine.
  • Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint requires a total commitment in order to achieve credible results. This means you have to be dedicated and follow all the methods suggested without relapse.


In conclusion, Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is highly recommended! This program is added dozens of new movements and signals coaching to your toolbox. It shows how to fold hip range of motion instantly learn simple tips and tricks to bring your deadlifts and squats to the next level. Anyone can get a positive result from Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. There is no risk at all for you when you try The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint seminar. If you are not excited about how this program helps clients recover from injuries and performance hit records, you will get a refund by your order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%. You can order the videos, see everyone and if you can not say you learned something new or valuable to them, you can request a full refund within 60 days after the initial purchase. Try this program now!


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