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Even if you use your PC for nothing more than publishing policy rules on social networks, you still need to protect it with an antivirus. Imagine if some hacktivist pwned his account and started hitting your candidate! Are you looking for an antivirus program that you should get if you need to protect a Windows system without spending a lot? If that describes you, you have come to the right place. Avira is the most commonly used free antivirus program, based on malware protection, system impact, ease of use and useful additional features. With this software, you can go beyond the antivirus with the new free security suite 2017. This software helps you to be protected against malware attacks, to keep your computers running efficiently. It also helps you protect your online identities and personal information.

What is the Avira?

Avira is the first complete security package that not only blocks malware but anonymizes your browsing and cleans your fingerprints online for free. This antivirus software is one of the best free antivirus software programs out there for several reasons, the least of which is just because it is free. It helps you discover security, privacy and management solutions for all your devices. It allows you to navigate safely, gently and privately. Avira is the new enhanced virus protection software that helps protect your identity, finances and other private data with our multiplatform license, which runs on both Windows and Mac OS. This software is a kind of program that prevents, detects and remedies malware infections in individual computer devices and IT systems. Scans particular files or directories to detect any known malware or malicious patterns, and allows you to schedule scans to run automatically for you. This software allows you to start a scan of a particular file or your computer or a CD or flash drive at any time.

How Does Avira Protect Your PC?

Avira offers unyielding protection against generalized and zero-day malware. Its austere but full of options interface can be intimidating at first, and slower computers can see performance success during active scans. However, the high efficiency of Avira Free Antivirus, a high degree of customization and a wide range of free complementary features, including a VPN client and a privacy web browser, make it the choice of our publisher. It is a lightweight yet powerful antivirus for windows where it is so easy to install and even simpler to use. Avira offers fast and smooth system scans at the touch of a button. It offers:

  • Avira Scout Browser: Scout is built with your security and privacy as a central focus. Avira Scout integrates a functionality without tracking, which blocks companies such as Facebook and Twitter from monitoring what they visit, download and purchase.
  • Avira Antivirus Security: Helps you protect your phone from theft and loss. It can not always prevent device theft, but we can ensure that thieves never access information stored on them. For Android.
  • Avira Vault: Help keep your secret private. Your iPhone is your wallet, camera, and phone book. So maintain the secret privately hidden in a digital vault. For iOS.
  • Avira Applock +: Lock your sensitive applications with a pin. Some applications are designed to share, but those that have sensitive photos or financial information are kept discreetly for Android.
  • Avira Connect: Your centralized security control for all your devices. Remotely install and manage the security of your devices from a control center. Free and run on all platforms!

What Are The Benefits You Can Experience From Avira?

  • With this software, you can experience a genuinely secure browser that blocks infected websites and respects your privacy.
  • Avira Free Antivirus includes a free trial of Avira System Speedup, a system optimization tool that costs $ 32 per year and includes a file destructor and data encryption software.
  • From PC Protection, you can start a scan or update, enable real-time protection, or explore specific settings.
  • Avira provides free software to create a rescue disk on a CD or USB drive that boots independently and cleans a system stuck with malware.
  • This software gives you the information you will need to make an informed assessment of whether or not a preinstalled commercial package.
  • It will remove any malicious code detected will sometimes be notified of an infection and asked if you want to clean the file, other programs automatically do this behind the scenes.


  • Anti-ransomware: Helps prevent ransomware from encrypting your data and taking hostages.
  • Device Control: It gives you control over which removable devices can be connected to your computer.
  • Identity Protection: Keep your identity secure, and you only have one.
  • Secure Finance: Safe shop and bank where you can not afford not to.
  • Data Privacy: The privacy of the company’s actual data is to keep people out of their own.
  • New-Gen Security: The best free antivirus software for Windows protects your data and protects your privacy.
  • Safe Browsing: Blocks harmful websites before uploading and highlights infected ones in search results.
  • Autopilot: This will allow you to select the level of privacy you want and customize your settings.
  • Chrome Build: The speed, stability and intuitive use of chrome are integrated into Avira Scout.


  • All you need is a stable internet connection. Without an Internet connection, you can not install this software on your PC.
  • Always make sure you have the best and most up-to-date security software installed to protect your computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Finally, I’m so sure you’ll love Avira Antivirus! The databases on which it is based are continually updated, helping to protect all its users and making the paid and free versions of the software more accurate. It works against all kinds of malware threats including worms, viruses, trojans and spyware. This software is available for evaluation on an older operating system, although older versions of the protection software are more compatible and efficient with older operating systems.

Avira Free Antivirus offers free access or resident protection, which means it’s keeping an eye on things all the time. It also scans both USB removable drives and incoming email, so threats are blocked regardless of where they originate. However, your Avira results are worth your consideration while you are looking for the best antivirus protection for your needs. Try it now!

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